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Class D Architecture
Click-in-Place Controls
Engineered in the USA

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The Mini Premium Series amplifiers are engineered in the USA with superior full-range Class D technology that surpasses the expectations of the most critical listener.  Once heard, you will not believe the clarity and volume is coming from such a compact package.

This amplifier features our new Average Power Enhancement Circuit (APEC). APEC will not allow the amplifier to clip or distort regardless of where the gain is set.  This prevents the amplifier from signal overload which prevents the massive increase in current and heat that is typical of conventional amplifiers.  APEC allows the amplifier to use more of its rated power on average when compared to conventional amplifiers that only use 20% when tuned correctly.  APEC amplifiers can easily compare to higher power conventional amplifiers when used on subwoofers. Users can either tune an APEC amplifier for maximum dynamics or tune it hot for constant, ground pounding, clean, bass.

 Continuous Power100W x 2 @ 4 ohms
 At 14.4V Supply Voltage125W x 2 @ 2 ohms
 Bridged250W x 1 @ 4 ohms
 Frequency Response10Hz – 35KHz
 Input Sensitivity (Unbalanced)0.2V to 8V
 Input Sensitivity (Balanced)0.5V to 16V
 Fuse Ratings15A @ 4 ohms / 25A @ 2 ohms
 Filter ModesHigh Pass – Low Pass – Band Pass
 High Pass Filter @ 12dB/Oct10Hz – 400Hz (x1 switch)
 Linkwitz-Riley100Hz – 4KHz (x10 switch)
 Low Pass Filter @ 12dB/Oct55Hz – 4KHz
 Detented Filter Potentiometers41 Click-in-Place Frequencies
 Remote Level ControlIncluded
 Channel Input Mode SwitchNo
 Height1.96 in / 49.9 mm
 Width5.94 in / 151 mm
 Length8.26 in / 209.85 mm
 Net Weight4.4 lb / 2.0 kg