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Coated paper cone midrange for realistic tonal accuracy
1 in (25.4mm) voice coil midrange
¾ in (20mm) high-end silk dome tweeter
80 Watts RMS power handling*

All power ratings are figured using an electronic high pass crossover with a minimum crossover point of 120Hz at 24dB/Octave, 150Hz at 18dB/Octave, or 180Hz at 12dB/Octave.

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Audio Dynamics speakers were designed to reproduce music with ultimate accuracy. We use paper cones and high quality silk dome tweeters to achieve the most natural, tonally accurate, dynamic, and detailed sound reproduction. Realistic texture to voices and instruments give you the feeling of listening to live music rather than listening to a speaker. Therefore, listening fatigue that usually settles in with other speakers is avoided. Our speakers will pull you into the musical performance and breath new life into your music collection. Our “Buy Manufacture Direct” program along with our dedicated Showroom Dealers, guarantees that our speakers are the best value of any on the market. We have compared our speakers to others costing three times as much.

Fs	100.300 Hz
Qms	4.218
Vas	1.672 l
Cms	0.414 mm/N
Mms	6.021 g
Rms	0.909 kg/s
Dia	82.400 mm
Sd	53.327 cm²
Qes	1.040
Re	3.559 Ω
Le	0.123 mH
Z	4.271 Ω
Bl	3.603 Tm
Bl²/Re	3.649 N²/W

Qts	0.834
no	0.156 %
SPL	84.090 dB
Frame Outer Diameter	4in (101.6mm)
Grille Outer Diameter	N/A
Motor Outer Diameter	2.74in (69.6mm)
Tweeter Protrusion	0.72in (18.39mm)
Grille Protrusion	N/A
Mounting Hole Diameter	3.65in (92.68mm)
Mounting Depth		1.89in (48.00mm)