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Crossover features midrange contour and woofer attenuation
Polypropylene capacitor in midrange crossover circuit
Air core inductors in midrange and woofer crossover circuits

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Our unique crossover design incorporates a midrange contour switch allowing for the attenuation of frequencies centered around 5kHz, where a spike occurs when speakers are mounted in the dash.  There is also a two-position series parallel resistor switch for the woofer offering a 0dB and -3dB attenuation all while maintaining consistent impedance.

Frame Outer Diameter	0 x 0in (0 x 0mm)
Grille Outer Diameter	0 x 0in (0 x 0mm)
Motor Outer Diameter	0in (0mm)
Tweeter Protrusion	0
Grille Protrusion	0in (0mm)
Mounting Hole Diameter	NA
Mounting Depth		0in (0mm)