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In a marketplace of “one-size-fits-all” solutions, there is a world of untapped potential for incredible bass performance. We already know that a woofer loaded into a manufacturer recommended “prefab” enclosure will behave differently from one vehicle to the next.  (Ironically, this also undermines the validity of any claim regarding the woofer’s performance or tonality.)

In a perfect world, the solution to all this would be a unique set of enclosure blueprints, each tuned specifically to the acoustic properties of the vehicle where the woofer is being installed… and that’s precisely what we’ve done:

Note:  This service is FREE with the purchase of your Audio Dynamics subwoofer.  Click HERE for more information.

In keeping with our underlying DIY passion, Audio Dynamics is renowned as the only car audio manufacturer with an in-house acoustic engineer available to design the optimal “application-specific” enclosure for the individual listener.

After years of professional design experience, we’ve been able to hone in on the ideal set of parameters for each woofer series to address the real-world conditions and the listening habbits of our customers. The results have been incredible.