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AD1108 D4

50W – 250W optimal power range / 300W max.
Designed for use in small vented enclosures.
Engineered in the USA.

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The 1100 series 8 is optimized for linear performance and versatility in small to medium size vented enclosures with mounting clearance as low as 3.75″. It performs well in 4th and 6th order bass-reflex arrangements, achieving virtually any desired response shape.

Nominal Diameter		8in
Overall Diameter		8.424in / 214mm
Mounting Hole Diameter		7.12in / 181mm
Bolt Hole Circle Diameter
Motor Outer Diameter
Mounting Depth			3.75in / 95.25mm
Required Pole Vent Clearance
Driver Displacement		0.02 cu ft / 0.68l

Minimum Sealed Volume		N/A
Minimum Vented Volume		0.52 cu ft / 15l net*

* Tune for desired response
Fs	55.850 Hz
Qms	5.060
Vas	5.200 l
Cms	0.140 mm/N
Mms	54.380 g
Rms	3.760 kg/s
Dia	141.620 mm
Sd	157.520 cm²
Qes	0.940
Re	7.120 Ω
Le	1.520 mH
Z	8.540 Ω
Bl	11.990 Tm
Bl²/Re	20.180 N²/W

Qts	0.790
no	0.090 %
SPL	81.800 dB
EBP	59