About Us

Founded in 1993

1990 – Aaron White started college to major in Aerospace Engineering at Parks College in Cahokia, Missouri. He continued doing custom car audio installs on the weekends to earn money to pay his way through college. His customers would seek him out to ask him what equipment he would recommend. Some times he would visit car audio retail stores with his customers to audition equipment and ultimately design the system that he would be installing for them.

1993 – Aaron White quit college and founded Audio Dynamics. The AD logo was designed by his close friend Rick Berry. Now, Aaron was able to create wholesale accounts and sell his customers product instead of directing them to purchase product from other retailers. He sourced hi-fidelity speaker components and designed customer passive crossover networks to run amplifiers on multiple speakers in stereo and mono simultaneously which was well known as tri-mode. He sold amplifiers that were imported from Canada and different parts of Europe. All of the custom installs and sales were conducted at his grandparents’ house in their 3 car garage which was located in Bonne Terre, MO.

1995 – Aaron married his high school sweetheart and purchased their first home. He built a detached workshop to conduct Audio Dynamics’ business and continued to gather well known brands. He started selling coaxial speakers along with his custom designed component sets.

1998 – Aaron opened his first commercial car audio retail location which was located next door to a Chrysler dealership on 67 Highway in Leadington, MO. He brought in four additional big name brands and expanded his custom install work space. This is when he started cultivating regular customers into sound quality competitors.

1999 – Aaron focused on selling day to day retail business and built an army of SQ competitors. One of those SQ competitors was Tony Rodriquez. Tony had him design and install his system which had the ability to score top sound quality points and dominate SPL numbers on the SQ scoresheet. Seven of his customers, including Tony, were qualified for USACi World Finals.

2000 – Aaron designed and built Tony Rodriquez’s BMW 3 series competition vehicle that broke the USACi national points record.

2003 – Aaron moved the Audio Dynamics location to a new building in the heart of Farmington, Missouri. He had the builders include an eight foot wide double door that would allow a vehicle to be driven into the showroom. This allowed the sales people to interchange the sub enclosure and show the customer multiple bass packages. He also built a dedicated high end sound room.

2006 – Aaron expanded his car audio retail business by becoming a silent partner with Show Off car audio retail store which was located in northern St. Louis, MO. Show Off car audio became a huge success and opened their second location in the southern part of St. Louis, MO.

2007 – Aaron purchased the empty lot next door and built his dream shop. It consisted of a 1500 sq. ft. showroom with the ability to drive a vehicle into the showroom and a 5000 sq.ft. install bay with large fabrication rooms. This is when Aaron built a stand alone amplifier switching cabinet which was wired into the showroom vehicle. Now customers could select any mid/high amp and sub amp that they wanted to hear inside the vehicle. This allowed for customers to experience multiple arrangements of amp and sub combinations.

2009 – Audio Dynamics acquired the two St. Louis Show Off car audio retail locations and changed the name of them to Audio Dynamics.

2010 – Aaron founded Audio Dynamics Designs (AD Designs) brand of subwoofers and amplifiers.

2011 – The first Audio Dynamics Designs (AD Designs) brand of subwoofers and amplifiers started to be sold in the retail locations.

2012 – Audio Dynamics Designs (AD Designs) speakers were developed and extensively blind tested against other brands of well known speakers. Aaron used his past knowledge of passive crossover design to create the sound signature of AD speakers.

2013 – Audio Dynamics launched the sale of 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 series speakers. Audio Dynamics purchased a new Mercedes Sprinter van to build the ultimate mobile showroom vehicle. Aaron personally built the mobile showroom in the Mercedes Sprinter van and took his first trip in November, 2013.

2014 – Audio Dynamics hired Steve Milton, best known as Super Steve as national salesman and Peter W. Kulicki, best known as PWK Designs, to provide acoustic engineered enclosure designs for free to anyone who would purchase AD Designs subwoofers. Aaron White started working with Stephen Mantz to come up with a unique line of premium class D sound quality amplifiers. Providing product demonstrations directly to retailers, adding full time phone sales, and the ultimate tech service caused AD sales to sore. Aaron has always believed that “putting your money where your mouth is” or “the proof is in the pudding” is the only honest way to sell product.

2015 – Aaron White finalized new Premium amplifier designs with legend Stephen Mantz of ZED Audio. Audio Dynamics hired Aaron Barnes to conduct national phone sales and customer service. Steve Milton earned his A&P license and parted ways to work on jetliners.

2016 – Audio Dynamics launched the sale of Premium amplifiers that offered regulated power supplies, click in place potentiometers, bandpass capabilities, and a non clipping circuit best know as APEC (Average Power Enhancement Circuit).

2018 – By this time, Aaron White had visited over 1800 car audio retailers from Miami, FL to Seattle, WA with the mobile showroom Sprinter van. Aaron White started working with engineers to create a line of DSPs. He also formed a relationship with a new, top tier, subwoofer manufacturer to produce new shallow subwoofers and the new long excursion, higher power, 2000 and 3000 series,models. A decision was made to remove APEC from the Premium amplifiers due to customer and dealer input.

2019 – Aaron White started working with a great team of Korean engineers to design and produce the new MK and K series amplifiers. MK amplifiers were launched in August and quickly became the fastest selling amplifiers ever produced by Audio Dynamics. The first pre-order products were launched with the new K series amplifiers and DSPs.