Speaker Warranty

Speaker and Subwoofer Warranty

DO NOT SHIP your speaker, subwoofer, or crossover back until you have completed the following procedure. Every return MUST have an RA# clearly written on the package.

Material and workmanship defects ARE covered for 2 years from the date of purchase.  All warranty claims require a copy of the original sales receipt.

COVERED defect examples are:

Surround loose from frame
Dust cap loose from cone
Spider loose from frame
Spider loose from coil former
Loose magnet
Short in crossover

NOT COVERED abuse or accidental damage examples are

Dented basket
Broken basket
Broken terminals
Hole in surround
Hole in cone
Burned voice coil
Melted tweeter housing
Melted crossover coil
Rusted terminals
Water Damage

NOTE: Abuse or accidental damage is not covered and supersedes material and workmanship defects. For example, a speaker will not be replaced if the voice coil is burned and there is a surround that is loose from the frame. This decision was made to deter fraudulent warranty claims whereas a voice coil is burned and then a surround is lifted on purpose to fulfill a manufacture warranty.

Speaker and Subwoofer Warranty Procedure:

1) Fill out the Speaker Warranty Claim Form and press Submit

2) Audio Dynamics will review the Speaker Warranty Claim Form

3) Audio Dynamics will email back a form complete with an RA#

4) Print the form and include it INSIDE the shipping package.

5) Pack the speaker with great care and write the form RA# on the outside of the box.This is very important as a dented basket supersedes all manufacturing defect that would normally be covered under warranty.

6) Ship the speaker(s) to: Audio Dynamics, 7574 Highway F, Farmington, MO 63640

7) Audio Dynamics will fully test and inspect the speaker when it is received to confirm the listed defect.

8) The speaker will either be replaced or credited at Audio Dynamics discretion if the defect is confirmed. The dealer or customer will be directed to our Accidental Damage Replacement Plan if the speaker problem is not covered under our warranty guidelines. The speaker will be returned to the dealer or customer if aspeakerproblem is not found.