Speaker Warranty

Material and workmanship defects ARE covered for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

COVERED defect examples are:

Surround loose from frame
Dust cap loose from cone
Spider loose from frame
Spider loose from coil former
Loose magnet (not ripped off out of frame)
Short in crossover

Short in voice coil (NOT discolored or charred and coil must still be completely glued to the former)

Burned voice coil (wire is discolored or charred) – Accommodated up to 30 days from customer invoice date

NOT COVERED abuse or accidental damage examples are

Dented basket
Broken basket
Broken terminals
Hole or tear in surround
Hole or tear in cone
Burned voice coil (whereas wire is off of the former)

Dented voice coil former (sign of bottoming out)
Melted tweeter housing
Melted crossover coil
Rusted terminals
Water Damage

NOTE: Abuse or accidental damage is not covered and supersedes material and workmanship defects. For example, a speaker will not be replaced if the voice coil is burned and there is a surround that is loose from the frame. This decision was made to deter fraudulent warranty claims whereas a voice coil is burned and then a surround is lifted on purpose to fulfill a manufacture warranty.

DIRECT CUSTOMER: Speaker and Subwoofer Warranty Procedure:

1) Pack the speaker with great care so it will not be damaged in shipping to us.

2) Include a copy of your purchase receipt. Make sure it clearly shows the purchase date, your name, your contact phone number and your email address.

3) Ship the speaker(s) to: Audio Dynamics, 7574 Highway F, Farmington, MO 63640. We will inspect the product and ship you a replacement after warranty confirmation.

DEALER ONLY: Speaker and Subwoofer Warranty Procedure

Option 1: Field Destroy for Account Credit

The following must be done EXACTLY or an account credit WILL NOT be granted.

1) Inspect the front of the speaker to make sure it is pristine and free from abuse (holes or tears in cone or surround) Proceed if the speaker is pristine. Otherwise, the speaker is not covered. Set the speaker face up and use a silver sharpie to write the date on the front of the cone.

2) Take a picture of the COMPLETE front of the speaker with the date visible. We must be able to see the complete speaker because torn, excessively worn, or punctured cones and surrounds are NOT covered.

3) Cut the cone out of the frame and turn the cone and frame upside down. Inspect the voice coil and inspect to make sure the voice coil wire is intact with the former. Voice coil wire burned off the former is a sign of extreme abuse. Also, inspect to make sure the bottom of the former is not dented as this is also extreme abuse. A dented former is caused by either not playing the subwoofer in the proper enclosure, improper subsonic setting, or running more than rated power. Proceed if the voice coil wire is intact with the former and the voice coil former is pristine. Otherwise, the speaker is not covered.

4) Write the date on the rear of the cone and magnet of the speaker.

5) Take a picture of the COMPLETE back of the cone and basket with the dates visible.

6) Take a picture of the customer’s invoice. Make sure that the date, customer name, and phone number is on the invoice.

7) Text the three pictures (Front of the speaker NOT cut out, back of the cut out speaker cone and basket, and invoice) to 573-756-2049

We will create an account credit for field destroyed speakers and subwoofers. This credit will be applied to future orders. Otherwise, if the speaker is not covered, give us a call so we can help! Dealers can purchase a discounted replacement to help their customers obtain a new speaker at the lowest cost.

Option 2: Ship Product in for Product Replacement

1) Ship the complete speaker or subwoofer to us so we can evaluate possible design or manufacturing flaws. We will pay the freight to ship your replacement product in appreciation of sending in the entire speaker or subwoofer.