AD1208 S4


  • 50W – 200W optimal power range
  • 1.5″ voice coil diameter
  • Designed for use in small sealed & vented enclosures.
  • Engineered in the USA.


The 1200 series 8″ is optimized for linear performance and versatility in small to medium size sealed and vented enclosures with mounting clearance as low as 4″. It performs well in 4th and 6th order bass-reflex arrangements, achieving virtually any desired response shape.

Fs	44.290 Hz
Qms	5.510
Vas	12.320 l
Cms	0.220 mm/N
Mms	59.160 g
Rms	2.990 kg/s
Xmax	10 mm (One-Way)
Dia	159.330 mm
Sd	199.380 cm²
Qes	0.640
Re	3.200 Ω
Le	1.500 mH
Z	3.840 Ω
Bl	9.070 Tm
Bl²/Re	25.730 N²/W

Qts	0.570
no	0.160 %
SPL	84.220 dB
EBP	69.230

Nominal Diameter		8.0in
Overall Diameter		8.4in / 213mm
Mounting Hole Diameter		7.16in / 181mm
Motor Outer Diameter		4.69in / 119mm
Mounting Depth			3.93in / 99mm
Driver Displacement		0.02 cu ft / 0.68l

Minimum Sealed Volume		0.27 cu ft / 7.64l net
Minimum Vented Volume		0.67 cu ft / 19l net*

* Tune for desired response

The above designs have been engineered for a “two tier” balance of compatibility: First, between the cabin acoustics of a sedan, hatchback and an SUV, and second, between the two available voice coil configurations, for a total of six balance points. This ensures a linear response and optimal power handling for listening purposes under most circumstances. Please visit our Enclosure Design Service page for custom designs.