• 2-way crossover for mid/woofer and tweeter
  • -2dB and -4dB tweeter attenuation terminals
  • Air core inductor and polypropylene capacitor in tweeter crossover circuit
  • Heavy gauge steel laminate inductor in mid/woofer circuit maintains low resistance and high efficiency
  • Polypropylene capacitor in mid/woofer circuit
  • Gold plated terminals
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This crossover is designed to divide frequencies between a mid/woofer and a tweeter.  The tweeter high pass is set at 3500Hz while the low pass is slightly lower to create a smooth transition.  High quality polypropylene capacitor are used in both the tweeter and mid/woofer circuits. A high quality air core inductor is used in the tweeter circuit. A heavy gauge steel laminate coil is used in the mid/woofer circuit to lower DC resistance and maintain high efficiency . There are also two direct tweeter attenuation terminals which offers a -2dB, and -4dB attenuation.