AD4210 D4


  • 500W – 1,500W optimal power range
  • 3 inch voice coil
  • Triple stack 225oz motor
  • Double high current tinsel leads
  • Nomex spider
  • Designed for use in small vented enclosures.
  • Engineered in the USA.
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The 4000 series 10 employs a finely-tuned balance of damping and extensive motor force to achieve very high efficiency, offering exceptional versatility and unmatched performance in a variety of real-world functions.

Fs 38.450 Hz
Qms 5.334
Vas 8.486 liters
Cms 0.058 mm/N
Mms 291.100 g
Rms 13.335 kg/s
Dia 202.000 mm
Sd 320.474 sq cm

Qes 0.510
Re 7.416 ohms
Le 4.037 mH
Z 8.899 ohms
BL 31.983 Tm
BL^2/Re 137.931 N^2/W

Qts 0.465
no 0.091 %
SPL 81.750 dB
EBP 75.412

Nominal Diameter 10in
Overall Diameter 10.79in / 274mm
Mounting Hole Diameter 9.25in / 235mm
Bolt Hole Circle Diameter
Motor Outer Diameter 7.72in / 196mm
Mounting Depth 7.28in / 185mm
Required Pole Vent Clearance
Driver Displacement  0.108 cu ft / 3.07 l

Not Recommended for Sealed



The above designs have been engineered for a “two tier” balance of compatibility: First, between the cabin acoustics of a sedan, hatchback and an SUV, and second, between the two available voice coil configurations, for a total of six balance points. This ensures a linear response and optimal power handling for listening purposes under most circumstances. Please visit our Enclosure Design Service page for custom designs.