ADCS643A – 4000 Series


  • Perfectly blended wool pulp cone mid/woofer for realistic tonal accuracy
  • 6 ½ in (166 mm) Cast frame mid/woofer
  • 60 count yarn cloth surround
  • 1 3/16 in (30 mm) voice coil mid/woofer
  • Push pin terminals on mid/woofer
  • Shorting ring for extended response
  • Gold plated terminals
  • 1 in (25 mm) High-end transparent silk dome tweeter
  • Aluminum tweeter housing with thread lock flush mounting
  • Polypropylene capacitor and air core inductor in tweeter crossover circuit
  • -4, -2, 0 dB direct wire tweeter attenuation
  • 150 Watts RMS power handling*

* All power ratings are figured using an electronic high pass crossover with a minimum crossover point of 60Hz at 24dB/Octave, 80Hz at 18dB/Octave, or 100Hz at 12dB/Octave.

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Audio Dynamics speakers were designed to reproduce music with ultimate accuracy.

We’ve spent countless listening hours examining the tonal qualities of many different cone materials; from glass fiber, to Kevlar, to carbon fiber and more. Ultimately, we chose wool pulp for its ability to deliver astonishing realism and detailed timbre across the harmonics. We then added an acoustically-transparent chemical to help the soft parts resist moisture. We’ve gone to similar lengths in developing our tweeter components which use the highest grade transparent silk domes and powerful Neodymium motors to produce clear and effortless highs.

Our speakers will pull you into the musical performance and breath new life into your music collection.


Fs	55.450 Hz
Qms	2.579
Vas	12.880 l
Cms	0.506 mm/N
Mms	16.080 g
Rms	2.195 kg/s
Dia	130.500 mm
Sd	133.755 cm²
Qes	0.480
Re	3.836 Ω
Le	0.165 mH
Z	4.603 Ω
Bl	6.687 Tm
Bl²/Re	11.659 N²/W

Qts	0.405
no	0.440 %
SPL	88.587 dB

Frame Outer Diameter	6.53in (166mm)
Grille Outer Diameter	7.16in (182mm)
Motor Outer Diameter	3.93in (100mm)
Grille Protrusion	0.90in (23mm)
Mounting Hole Diameter	5.59in (142mm)
Mounting Depth		2.67in (68mm)