ADTW2012 – 1000 Series


  • ¾ in (19 mm) High-end silk dome tweeter
  • 100 Watts RMS power handling
  • Optimal bandwidth:  3.6 kHz – 20 kHz

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Audio Dynamics speakers were designed to reproduce music with ultimate accuracy.
We’ve gone to great lengths in developing our tweeter components which use the highest grade Asian silk domes and powerful Neodymium motors to produce clear and effortless highs.
Our speakers will pull you into the musical performance and breath new life into your music collection.

Fs	1698.000 Hz
Qms	1.987
Dia	22.000 mm
Sd	3.801 cm²
Qes	3.542
Re	3.468 Ω
Le	0.030 mH
Z	4.162 Ω

Qts	1.273

Flush Mount Fixture Diameter		1.94in / 49.20mm
Surface Mount Fixture Diameter		1.64in / 41.65mm
Flush Mount Mounting Hole Diameter	1.567in / 39.73
Flush Mount Mounting Depth		.75in / 19.12mm
Flush Mount Tweeter Protrusion		.39in / 9.97mm
Surface Mount Tweeter Protrusion	1.39in / 35.32