• Full Range Class D
  • Discrete Hi-Fidelity Design
  • Master / Slave Capable
  • Click-in-Place Crossover Controls
  • Band Pass Capable
  • Engineered in the USA

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The Premium Series amplifiers are engineered in the USA with superior full-range Class D technology that surpasses the expectations of the most critical listener.  Once heard, you will not believe the clarity and volume is coming from such a compact package.

Premium and Mini Premium amplifiers has been designed from the ground up by the renowned Stephen Mantz of ZED Audio.  Stephen’s four decades of experience designing amplifiers position him as one the most experienced mobile electronics engineer in the industry.  These amplifiers feature a discrete Class D circuit for hi-fidelity sound quality, ultra flexible preamp capable of any active crossover situation, click in place crossover potentiometers for accurate crossover frequency selection, and the most efficient power supply which demands less on your electrical system.


Continuous Power 500 x 1 @ 4 ohms
At 12V – 14.4V Supply Voltage 700W x 1 @ 2 ohms
Frequency Response 10Hz – 35KHz
Input Sensitivity (Unbalanced) 0.2V to 8V
Input Sensitivity (Balanced) 0.5V to 16V
Fuse Ratings 30A @ 4 ohms / 60A @ 2 ohms
Filter Modes High Pass – Low Pass – Band Pass
High Pass Filter 10Hz – 150Hz
Linkwitz-Riley N/A
Low Pass Filter 40Hz – 230Hz
Linkwitz-Riley N/A
Detented Filter Potentiometers 41 Click-in-Place Frequencies
Remote Level Control Included
Channel Input Mode Switch No
Height 2.02 in / 51.4 mm
Width 9.13 in / 232 mm
Length 9.86 in / 250.5 mm
Net Weight 7.5 lb / 3.4 kg


Download the Amplifier Instruction Manual